Accredited Training Professional (ATP)
Here is your opportunity to be accredited as a training professional.The workshop created by Dr. Palan, the author of The Magic of Making Training FUN!!® is designed to produce world class trainers.

This is a workshop for all professionals interested in delivering high impact training sessions. At this accredited training professional workshop from SMR HR Group, one of the world’s largest HRD training firms, you will learn strategies and techniques to make your training sizzle.

You will learn how to make training FUN, enthusiastic, learner centered, experiential and ensure transfer of learning.

The SMR accreditation associates you with a select group of exceptional trainers, who are recognised locally and internationally for their high impact training methods. The ATP participant is licensed to run both SMR’s High Impact Train-The-Trainer and The Magic of Making Training FUN!!® workshops.

This is a workshop for all professionals interested in delivering high impact training sessions.

It is preferred participants have the ability to present and have attended the basic Train-The-Trainer workshop.

On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Use FUN tools to introduce content, involve participants, interact with learners, instruct activity and intensify learner retention
  • Identifying learning styles of participants
  • Identify learning styles of learners
  • Use 5 I’s for high impact
  • Use fun tools to accelerate learner
  • Use experiential learning

Ability to deliver high impact training programmes.

  • Palan’s Fun x Content = Results®
  • Malcolm Knowles’ Andragogy
  • Kolb Learning Styles

This Accredited Training Professional workshop will be conducted in a fun and interactive way. Participants will have numerous opportunities for skills practice. Continuous feedback will be provided by the facilitator and peers. Palan’s Fun x Content = Results® model will be followed.

  • Join an international group of accredited training professionals.
  • Qualify to facilitate SMR’s selected programmes.
  • Grow learner satisfaction exponentially.
  • Accelerate learners’ learning.
  • Cut learning time and cost.
  • Improve training results with increased learner application.
  • Learn how to use high involvement tools that make your training sizzle.

5 days

To receive the SMR accreditation you need to :-
  • Complete the pre-workshop work/ Attend the preworkshop teleseminar.
  • Complete the online psychometric assessment onlearning styles.
  • Complete a 5-day onsite training programme.
  • Deliver a creative training session using FUN tools during onsite training.
  • Complete a one-hour written test during onsite training.


The ATP workshop will focus on:

Module One
The Making of Making Training FUN!!®

Module Two
Identifying Leaning styles using KOLB’s Learning Styles Instrument (LSI)


Introduction & Objective

Making Training FUN
  • FUN x Content = Results® model
  • 5Is
Skills Practice

Assessment & Feedback


You will receive tools to help you deliver high impact training sessions.
  1. Comprehensive Workbook
  2. PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Frame Game : Management Made Easy Software
  4. Learning Tournament – FUN Software
  5. Fun Bingo Software
  6. SMR FUN Balloons
  7. Koosh Ball
  8. Training Vouchers
  9. Perfume Markers
  10. Trainer’s Whistle